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Playmobil Pirate Ship, now £18.50 was £26.75

Playmobil Horse Stable, now £25.00 was £43.50

Our specials page is all about new and exciting toys that we have at The Toy Box, it also features seasonal promotions and any offers we may have on. Come and discover at The Toy Box.

Shark Attack

The Shark attack is an exciting game which ensures excellent fun for the kids and adults. Take turns to push down one of the shark's teeth. Be careful because one of the teeth will cause the shark's mouth to snap close capturing the finger. This hilarious game provides fantastic entertainment for hours!. Come and play in The Toy Box

Zomlings Series 2

Lego Mini Figures Series 13

Robo Mermaid

Get the new series 13 Lego Mini Figures. We also offer a swap system. Come and build in The Toy Box

With her ring on her tail your mermaid swims up and down. Take it off and she swims backstroke. Using their built-in water activated pressure sensors your mermaid starts swimming as soon as they come into contact with water! Come and swim in The Toy Box

Plastic model kits including Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet. Easy snap-together assembly. Come and build in The Toy Box

Model Kits

Revell Lego series 13 zomblings series 2

Following the success of series 1 we now have the very latest Zomlings in series 2. There are loads of these cheeky, miniature monsters to collect and build into your own Zomlings Town. Come and scream in The Toy Box

shark attack mermaid Pirates 2 5348

Be part of the fun as a member of the mean looking pirate crew, protecting the treasure from oncoming enemies.  The set features two pirates both equipped with essential weapons and a map. Come and Grrrr at The Toy Box

Be part of the fun helping out the farmer who is collecting food ready for meal time. There are two stables with name tags on for each of the horses and a groomer with lots of grooming accessories to give the horses lots of care and attention. Come and play in The Toy Box

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